White Oak High School/Where you matter to us.

You are valued, you matter to us! In saying these words out loud I have to reflect on my own life. Things I have been a part of, things that make Amy Billingslea who she is. What I do know is that education has always been the driving factor. (Not the grades, but the learning) This is not taking away the GPA that it requires to get into specific colleges. We want everyone to reach their personal goals.  Do the goals have anything to do with work ethic? Questions that we try to address are as follows….

What do I want learning to be like? What do I want from the experience of school? What matters to me most? What am I worried about? What am I most excited to learn more about and learn from?  What am I going to become more awesome at?

Do any of these questions even address work ethic? When we have hopes and dreams, or we aspire to be or do something, we have passion that becomes the driving force of greatness in each of us.

White Oak High School wants our students to leave here being able to think. (Thinking is valued) We want them to have Rich opportunities for exploring their passions. Where the process and the product of thinking are present in the environment.

The future of our White Oak community is upon us. Every single person in this school/community is of the utmost importance.

A person’s past and present, is always forming successes that create  their future.

May God bless you in the upcoming 2016-17 school year.


Summer Fun

As we are winding down the 2015-2016 school year. Yes, just because students are out doesn’t mean the year is complete. There are a lot of behind the scenes activities from Mrs. Barrett’s office all the way to the front office. Closing out the year to get completed transcripts ready is a process in itself.

Just a little information:

We will be starting our EOC tutorials on June 20 for two weeks. The testing for High School students

is the week of July 11th.

If you are needing a Verification of enrollment, please come by the next two weeks. The VOE forms are

for any students that are wanting to get their driving permit/drivers license.

Take some time for your family, rest, play, and get involved in the community.

See you the week of August 2nd. Registration begins then!!

New School Year, New set of opportunities!

Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year

I wanted to take a moment to wish each of you a great year. Bells will be ringing soon, papers written, math problems scrutinized over. Yes, another year at White Oak is upon us. We are really excited for the year to begin, and the halls to fill up with our precious little darlings. OK they are not little any more. The time is passing very fast and I would like for you parents to think back to the first day of school when they were five.

Now on a happy note, they are away at school. Knowing your precious child is safe and exactly where they are suppose to be.  Your years of influence is approaching so fast. The world will begin prodding, wanting to give them views that you didn’t instill.

Stand firm in your beliefs. Know that they will return to what you have taught. They have to spread their wings a little while still under your care. Know that the love that you have given them will sustain them for a while. When its time you will hear “You were right”.  What a glorious day!!!

Now on to more pertinent information:


Invitations, Caps & Gowns, Senior Portraits will be scheduled. Attendance is very important. Do not get into a bind by not doing and turning in assignments. Be an influence on an underclassman. Help people in your community, there is always someone that could use a smile or a positive word.



Rings will be ordered this fall. Take time to work on assignments. Working on your GPA could help with entrance into college. Prepare yourself for ACT and SAT tests. Get as much extra vocabulary as possible.



Really get involved in your school. Take time to make some friends. Enjoy the days of youth. Don’t forget to take care of your educational goals though.



Make sure you are here. Get your homework done, turn in assignments when they are due. Ask questions this is your education. Any way that you can help with UIL, do so. Be a part of something bigger than ourselves.


There is always a time and purpose for our lives. Ours is to figure out exactly what that success will look like. Please keep us informed of any information that would help us educate you to the best of both our abilities.



Events of Spring 2013

This semester is passing so fast. We are sometimes overwhelmed by all of the

activities our students/children are involved in. Just remember this too shall

pass. It won’t be long and you will be sitting in the Belcher Center listening

to the graduation march. With that being said we are seven weeks and finals

away from the school year ending.

I wanted everyone to know of things coming up. They are as follows:

Week of April 8 – 12

One Act Play in Van, UIL Academics to Tyler on Sat 13th, District Baseball and Softball games,  District Tract, Band Competition in Marshall, Stuco to State Competition. Two weeks until EXIT level TAKS.


Week of April 15 – 19

District Baseball & Softball, Choir competition in Mt Pleasant, Region Tennis, Area Track, Regional OAP,  One week until EXIT level TAKS. Three weeks until STAAR for Freshmen & Sophmores.


Week of April 22 – 24

EXIT level TAKS, Bi-District  Softball, Two weeks until STAAR for Freshmen & Sophmores.


Week of April 28 – May 3

April 28th  NHS Induction Luncheon May 1, One week until STAAR Area Softball , Bi District Baseball


Week of May 6  –  10

STAAR test  and Calculus Test, AP English test


Week of May13  –  17

STAAR test and AP English test

14th Band Concert


Week of May 20  –  24

State UIL Academics, Athlethic Banquet, Last week of regular classes


Week of May 28  –  May 31


28th State Ring Ceremony

June 1      GRADUATION!!!!!







Spring Break

With our basketball team going to the State tournament we are not having school on Friday. We are making this time up on Good Friday, which will be half of a day.

Our early release time for the High School will probably be 12:15. We will post the

correct time when Easter gets closer.

We hope that each and everyone one of you enjoy your Spring break.

We will be having a lot of students compete during this time. We want to wish them

all well. They are as follows

Team Tennis, Debate, Power Lifting, Basketball, Softball, Baseball.

When we get back our students need to be here every day possible.

We have exit level TAKS coming. We also have End Of Course tests also.

The more our students are in attendance the more instruction they are receiving toward their education.

Again, we want everyone to come back rested.  HAPPY SPRING BREAK

November 12 Week

White Oak High School students have done it again. We are showing our

true colors/spirit. The Senior class is really leading us onto victory in every

area. Our Volleyball team started us off, the football team continued, and

then our Debate team finished off the weekend with victories.

The Volleyball State Tournament is at Curtis Culwell Center. The address is

as follows 4999 Naaman Forest Boulevard, Garland Texas  75040.

The Football team is at Diboll High School 1000 Lumberjack Lane.

Our band has already started us off  with points from the previous year.


The Semester is also drawing to a close. November 20th is early release

due to the Senior Citizen Luncheon. When we return to school there will

be four weeks left until Christmas break. The week of Dec. 17th is Finals




October 2012

The start of school has been amazing. The students have been giving everything

they’ve got and it shows.  The Senior leadership for the 2012-2013 school year is

off to a show stopping start.  Thank you Seniors!

We are so very proud of our student body for their efforts in the classroom as well

as their extra curricular activities. Way to Represent WOHS.




Spring semester 2012

We have 97 days in this semester. Our teachers
are working as hard as they can to get the Students at White Oak High School ready for
their future.
Please have your child in attendance each and
every day of school.

At the HIgh School level missing one day of
instruction is detrimental to your child’s success
in the future.


I wanted to take a few moments to describe some of the amazing technology components at White Oak High School.
Our teachers are using the ipod touch in the classroom with the most exciting results from their students.
Quick quizes, research, and communicating with students in other countries.
If you want excitement in the classroom try using different types of technological communication devices to keep your students engaged in their learning.