Summer Days

Just a few quick notes on the hours for this summer. We are at the school until June 24. We are closing out the 2009/2010 school year. We also have summer school going on.

If you are needing a transcript, Verification of enrollment, or any other paperwork you might want to get it during this month. Once we leave for our few weeks off there will not be anyone available to get these papers for you until Aug 2.

I personally want to thank our senior class for their great leadership this year. The 97% of you that were involved in
extracurricular activities is what helped us be great. The other 3% were working jobs to help themselves and their families.
It shows what great responsible adults White Oak High School and their parents have created.
Good luck to all in the future. Think about us often, we love you dearly.

To the senior class of 2010/2011 we are excited about your
future and what goals you have set. We are also looking forward to seeing you in August. With every sunrise there are new adventures. Let the last year of your adventures at White Oak High School be the best year ever.

Registration packets will be ready the first week in August. It will be posted on the sign out front of the school.