Welcome to the 2013-2014 School Year

I wanted to take a moment to wish each of you a great year. Bells will be ringing soon, papers written, math problems scrutinized over. Yes, another year at White Oak is upon us. We are really excited for the year to begin, and the halls to fill up with our precious little darlings. OK they are not little any more. The time is passing very fast and I would like for you parents to think back to the first day of school when they were five.

Now on a happy note, they are away at school. Knowing your precious child is safe and exactly where they are suppose to be.  Your years of influence is approaching so fast. The world will begin prodding, wanting to give them views that you didn’t instill.

Stand firm in your beliefs. Know that they will return to what you have taught. They have to spread their wings a little while still under your care. Know that the love that you have given them will sustain them for a while. When its time you will hear “You were right”.  What a glorious day!!!

Now on to more pertinent information:


Invitations, Caps & Gowns, Senior Portraits will be scheduled. Attendance is very important. Do not get into a bind by not doing and turning in assignments. Be an influence on an underclassman. Help people in your community, there is always someone that could use a smile or a positive word.



Rings will be ordered this fall. Take time to work on assignments. Working on your GPA could help with entrance into college. Prepare yourself for ACT and SAT tests. Get as much extra vocabulary as possible.



Really get involved in your school. Take time to make some friends. Enjoy the days of youth. Don’t forget to take care of your educational goals though.



Make sure you are here. Get your homework done, turn in assignments when they are due. Ask questions this is your education. Any way that you can help with UIL, do so. Be a part of something bigger than ourselves.


There is always a time and purpose for our lives. Ours is to figure out exactly what that success will look like. Please keep us informed of any information that would help us educate you to the best of both our abilities.



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