Summer Days

Just a few quick notes on the hours for this summer. We are at the school until June 24. We are closing out the 2009/2010 school year. We also have summer school going on.

If you are needing a transcript, Verification of enrollment, or any other paperwork you might want to get it during this month. Once we leave for our few weeks off there will not be anyone available to get these papers for you until Aug 2.

I personally want to thank our senior class for their great leadership this year. The 97% of you that were involved in
extracurricular activities is what helped us be great. The other 3% were working jobs to help themselves and their families.
It shows what great responsible adults White Oak High School and their parents have created.
Good luck to all in the future. Think about us often, we love you dearly.

To the senior class of 2010/2011 we are excited about your
future and what goals you have set. We are also looking forward to seeing you in August. With every sunrise there are new adventures. Let the last year of your adventures at White Oak High School be the best year ever.

Registration packets will be ready the first week in August. It will be posted on the sign out front of the school.

Spring Semester

It has been some time since I posted to my Blog. This has been brought to my attention by a dear friend. Excuses for this is just excuses. So my reasoning to not updating isn’t even worth anyone’s time.

Parents we have ten weeks of school left. Yes, it is flying by and we need to prepare ourselves for the up coming weeks. The first major activity is Spring Pictures. That date is March 24. The Sweet Concert for the band is March 25. We have UIL District Academic Meet on March 26.
Invitations/Graduation gowns are coming in a few weeks.
Senior Celebration, Prom and Graduation is around the corner. Make sure seniors have their pictures in for the slide show.

Enjoy your spring break. The next few weeks are definitely going to fly by.

November News

Well, we are so excited about our students going to state. First the band, then cross country, and now volleyball.

After this week we will have four weeks until the Christmas Holidays. Please be aware of the absences, where you stand and how close you are to having 8 total. This semester is shorter so be careful.

Once again we are excited about our students success. Our choir and band have other competitions coming up in Nov.and Dec. The Broadway musical is the first weekend in December. We also have a basketball tournament that weekend.


Weeks left of this semester

This has been an amazing fall semester with our students being so successful. With this success comes amounts of time out of the classroom. I wanted everyone to be aware of the number of weeks left in this semester.

We just have six weeks left in this semester. We need everyone to be current on assignments and to  check with their teachers if they are going to miss class.

One more thing “Go Roughnecks”

Three week reports

The students will be receiving their three week reports. If you would please check it to see where your child is on his/her grades. In two weeks the six weeks will be over. Yes, this is a short 6 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call we will be glad to answer any of your questions.

Thank you for letting us educate your child.

The First Week of School

Parents & Friends of White Oak High School.

It has been an amazing week, our year has started off in such a positive way. We had class meetings on Tuesday just to let all of the students know our expectations. The respect that each of the classes gave to the speakers was amazing.
We covered hand book information and other things to help all students here be successful.
The most important point was for everyone to be in attendance unless you are ill.
Our teachers have already started giving a minor assessment to see where each student is in their knowledge of that specific subject.
I will do my best to update this site on Wednesdays so you can be informed of the happenings at WOHS.
One thing to remember this Friday is our First Pep Rally.
Go Necks!!!

Dates to Remember


20-22  Football Scrimmage Here/Volleyball Tournament     Gilmer


25 Hawkins/Mineola Dual in W.O.

28 Football Joaquin/Volleyball Carthage

29 Cross Country/ Spring Hill

Choir Start from Scratch workshop/Mt Pleasant


1 Vollleyball Longview/Lufkin Dual  in Longview

3-5 Shirley Atkins Tournament

4 Football Spring Hill at Home

5 Cross Country/ UT Tyler

7 Labor Day Schools out

8 Volleyball in Union Grove

11 Football Rains at Home Volleyball Pleasant  Grove at Home

12 Choir / ETBU HS ALL Region Workshop

15 Volleyball in Elysian Fields

18 Football open/Volleyball against Sabine

19 Cross Country at Pine Tree

22 Volleyball against Winona

25 Football/Volleyball Harmony

26 Country Cross Mt Pleasant

Choir HS Mixed Choir Auditions

29 Volleyball in New Diana


2 Football/Volleyball  against Union Grove at Home

6 Volleyball in Big Sandy

9 Football/Volleyball against Elysian Fields at Home

10  Cross Country Union Grove/Band Competition

13 Volleyball in Sabine

17 Cross Country Atlanta

20-23 Exit Level Taks tests

20 Volleyball against Harmony at Home

21-22 Band Competition

23 Football/ Diana at Home/ Volleyball open

24 HS Treble Choir Auditions

26 Cross Country District Meet  Big Sandy

27 Volleyball against New Diana at Home/Cross Country District Meet Big Sandy

30 Football at Harleton


6 Football against Sabine at Home

7 Cross Country Region II Meet Lone Star College, Humble

Choir All Region Choirs Clinic & Concert

14 Cross Country State Meet: Old Settlers Park Round Rock

Choir Pre Area Workshop

19 Choir Pre Area Auditions

Playoffs for Football/Volleyball will be announced on the sign in front of the High School.

25-27 Thanksgiving holiday

Our Math/Science Team will be having meets throughout the semester.


16-18 End of Semester Exams/Exemptions

21-31 Christmas Break